Welcome May

Every month has its own significance and May is surely no exception.

May starts with May day.

May Day marks the halfway point between the first day of spring and the summer solstice. May Day dates back to the days of the Romans and involved many pagan rituals and ancient customs which were slowly phased out with the arrival of Christianity. Festivals, dances, and rituals related to agriculture and fertility were practiced by many Germanic and European countries. May Day also commemorates the struggle for fair labor practices and the Haymarket Affair of 1886. It is observed on May 1st each year.

Also, in May, according to an old Cornish superstition, it was unlucky to buy a new broom in this month. And so was washing a blanket!

Some people believed that if you got up on May 1st and washed your face in the May dew, it would remove all freckles and pimples, giving you a great complexion.

Another belief was that babies born in May would be sick all through their childhood, and cats born in May wouldn’t catch rodents but rather bring home snakes.

Those were the times, when everyone was aware about the significance of the months and the celebrations that followed. Nowadays, it’s only about birthdays or any special events in the particular month. However, don’t worry! Here are some facts about the upcoming month of May:

  • The month was named after the Greek Goddess of Fertility, Maia. One famous poet suggests that the name comes from the Latin word, “maiores” which means “elders”.
  • No month other than May ever begins or ends on the same day of the week, in the same year. It may match with the months of the following year.
  • May is the month of Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, and spring in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • The birthstone is emerald, which signifies love and success.
  • The birth flower is the Lily of the Valley.

Enjoy this beautiful new month.

Snug hugs everyone 🙂

Snug Hug

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