What might be ruining your sleep (part II)

Well, apart from NOT having beautiful Snug Hug & Co. bed linen, there are indeed a few things that can ruin your night sleep! (where have you read this before? 🙂 )

Here are 5 more reasons that will probably show you that you have somethings you might need to change in your bedroom:

6. Your chargers | banned smartphone use in bed (good for you!). But it turns out even charging devices in your bedroom could affect your sleep — especially if they have a little blue light. Blue wavelengths are a “potent” light that affects your circadian rhythm. Charge it somewhere else, or juice up in the morning.

7. Your junk | It turns out your mom was onto something when she used to make you clean your messy bedroom all the time — an untidy space can lead to anxiety and poor sleep.

8. Your pillow | Over time using the wrong pillow (too soft? too stiff?) can lead to muscle stiffness, nerve pain, tendonitis, and tons of discomfort while you rest. Depending on if you sleep on your back, side, stomach (or a combination), you might need to invest in a different kind of support.

9. Your pet | One study found that 30% of its participants who slept with a four-legged friend woke up because of their pet, 63% had poor sleep quality, and 5% said they had trouble falling back asleep. Unfortunately, it might be time to get your little buddy his own bed.

Probably not a good idea!

10. Your partner | Yes, because of the many reasons you can probably already think of (snoring, twisting and turning, body heat,  blanket hogging). If your bedfellow keeps you up at night, consider whether you need a bigger bed, separate blankets, or a memory foam mattress to minimize motion shifting. As for snoring, consider looking into whether your partner has a larger health issue causing it, so you can learn more about treatment options.

Take good not of all these reasons.

Perhaps you now know why you are not sleeping as you should.



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